Free Gigs Over the Christmas

Soul Beats

Fri. 1st @ 10pm

The Jury

Sat 2nd @ 10pm

James O’Connor

Sun.3rd  @ 7.00pm

Live Music

Fri. 8th @ 10.00pm

The Wedding Crashers

Sat. 9th @ 10pm

Panic Animal

Sun.10th @ 7pm

Strength in Numbers

Fri 15th @ 10pm

The Valves

Sat. 16th @ 10.00pm

Al & The Essentials

Sun 17th @ 7pm

Soul Beats

Wed. 20th @ 9.30pm

Highly Strung

Thur. 21st From 9.30pm


Fri. 22nd @ 10pm


Sat. 23rd @ 10pm

The Wedding Crashers

Mon. 26th @ 6.30pm

The Fanzines

Mon. 26th @ 10.00pm

Live Music

Tue. 27th @ 10pm

Funeral Bingo NY Eve

Sun. 31th @ 10.00pm


Mon. 1st Jan @ 9pm

Transmitter Little Christmas

Sat 6th Jan @ 10pm