TOM BAXTER ‘Of Stories & Songs’ returns to Irealnd this October 2019. 

One of the most distinguished song craftsmen of the 21stcentury. Tom is to make an exciting return to Ireland this October to remind us of what a talent he indeed is.

As the best kept secret in the music business, Tom is now Uk’s official hidden gem & If you haven’t heard of him already then we couldn’t recommend him higher as an artist to go and see.

Baxter, who made his name here in Ireland some 10 years ago with some brilliant songwriting and incredible live shows to back it up, has since gone on to be adopted across the world through this poignantly observational songwriting.

Best known for his heart-stopping originals off his first two albums such as ‘Better,’ ‘Miracle’ ‘This Boy’, ‘Almost There’ and ‘Day in Verona’ , tastemakers beat a solid path to Tom’s door, and the plaudits have been streaming in, from The Guardian to The Times since then.

Adored by some of the greatest names in film, fashion, music, art and even the young Royal family, his music hasnow been used on the coverage of both Royal Weddings, a number of Hollywood films ands the closing titles of the Olympics. 

Known for his long periods in the wilderness, traveling and exploring the world. It is Baxter’s disinterest in the trappings of fame which have only served to increase his now legendary status. 

Take this oppertunitly to see this highly charged artist in their element & experience the reason why his music hasgripped so many along the way. Just don’t be to surprised if you see a famous face sitting in the audience fighting back the tears or cracking a smile at one of Baxter’s manysongwriting stories.


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