1st – The Fanzines (Courtyard from 10pm no c/c)
2nd – James O ‘Connor and Alan Smyth from 9pm no c/c
4th – Ukulele Tuesday
6th -Curtis Walsh Live in the bar from 9.30pm
7th – Kevin Morrin (Upstairs)
8th – TBC
9th – James O’Connor & Alan Smyth from 7pm
13th – The Valves
15th – The Wot Nots
16th – Blessed
18th – Ukulele Tuesday
20th – TBC
22nd – The Fanzines
23rd – Transmitter
24th – TBC
26th – The Jury
27th – Courtyard TBC
28th – The Valves from 9.30pm
29th – The Perfect Skins from 9pm
30th – Transmitter
31st – TBC